All About Nikhil "The Boss" Peter!
I've known Nikhil since . . . oh nebber mind! That story is really, really outdated!
Anyway, I got more than my share of fright-nights with this guy. Once, he took me on his scooter . . . oh nebber mind! That story is really, really outdated!
But seriously, Nikhil helped me to get a second career option going real strong as a private detective. He gave me on-the-job training and saved my butt on numerous occasions. Once, I was going down this lane . . . oh nebber mind! That story is really, really outdated!

Update (Feb. 28th, 2014)
Nikhil is currently in the U.S., doing his MBA from Hult Business School, Boston.
We wish him all the best in his studies. Good luck, dude!

Update (Aug. 21st, 2014)

Nikhil graduated from Hult summa cum laude!

That's him, keeping the good ol' flag flying. Once again, "Congratulations, dude, you've done us all proud!"

Looking good in that mortarboard, old son!

All tuxed up!

Time to celebrate this momentous occasion! Cheers!

Great montage

In Good Company...
On the Steps to Knowledge and Wisdom!
The Widener Library, Harvard.

Extracurricular Activity!
(I'll say!)

A bevy of beauties — and just one gent — how lucky can a guy get?! Very lucky, apparently!
That's Megan Young (Miss World, 2013) looking svelte in a red tube, surrounded by other pageant participants.
Look at the glint in the eyes of all these beauties! WoW!

(Megan... again!)

(... ... and again!)
Your smile tells me that you're really appreciating her... her... her tiara!
As for me, I'm just waiting for her to exhale!

Taken with a Hohenlander Classique custom-fitted with a 72 megapixel non-interlaced I2C2M2O2S2 sensor grid array in anti-parallel mode with an ISO setting of 3 billionths of a second and an aperture of 3.14159265325323846/f, the interplay of light and shade is reminiscent of the Dutch maestro van DuDree- - -
Am I out of my freezin' mind??!! That's Miss America going one-on-one with our Man In Boston!
Man, oh man! If that's how Harvard makes you feel at home, then I'm on the next bullock-cart outta here!

Miss America!(Again...!)
(Beating my numskull upon the floor in quiet desperation!)

And that's Rachel Ann Wolfe!
Hi, Rachel, 'member me? Guess not! (sigh!)
Rachel is a movie star.

Rachel Ann Wolfe... again!
Boy! Am I missing all that fun!

Yep, that's me! (Really...!)
(sigh!) Oh OK, OK! That's Nikhil en masque.

The all-new Maruti 800... I think not!

The Charlotte Motor Speedway - Home of NASCAR
Getting a grandstand view of his future "rann-bhoomi"!
One day soon, Nikhil'll be down there taking the checkered flag! Go, champ!

Knock, knock, knockin' on the Hall Of Fame!

Ya-a-a-a-y! Nailed it!

No blinkin' shooot! In fact, no blinkin'...

Go, Daddy, Go, Go, Go!

Musin' with the Fusion!

Ooo-ooohh! I wants this bowtie... badly!

You've got me dro-o-o-o-o-oling, dude!

The World!
Yours for the taking!

Make the most of this life that's been gifted to you, Nikhil!

Against The Light!
That's called photography! Kudos to the shutterbug!
Couldn't have done it better meself, no kidding!

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