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Photos of my dearest friends! (2012 - 14)

My Bestest Friend - Pierre Manzi (Perth, 2012)

Gianella Townend (also my bestest friend), husband Terry, and their son, Stuart. (UK, 2012)

Nostalgia break!

Growing up in Bhusawal, my closest childhood friends were Pierre and Gianella Manzi. I spent most of my time with them, at either of our places. We attended the same school, St. Aloysius', run by Carmelite nuns. In fact, we weren't friends, we were family. Then, fate intervened, and I left Bhusawal for Jaipur. Since then, 1966, we fell out of contact (blame me for that!) and life rolled on. Just last year (2012), thanks to Batchmates.com, Gianella contacted me and through her I got back in touch with Pierre. Pierre is in Perth, Australia, and Gianella is in London, UK.
Thanks, Gian! Thanks, Pio!
And thank you, God, for giving me Gian and Pio!
Wish you and your families all the best!
Good luck, good health, and God bless!

Update - March 20th, 2014

Belle Villa, Bhusawal - March 20th, 2014.

Pierre just came down to India and went to see the old home. He was shocked (and so am I) to see the old home in such a derelict and dilapidated condition!

Theodore Villa, Bhusawal - March 20th, 2014.

This is where I used to live pre-1966! Sad!
Both the photographs were clicked by Pierre on his recent (March, 2014) trip to Bhusawal.

The Three Villas

Belle Villa (where Pierre and Gian used to live), Elaine Villa, and Theodore Villa (where I used to live) formed a triad of villas all built by Anglo-Indians just around Independence. All three were single-storeyed structures with flat roofs. As far as I can remember, all three had skylights built into the middle transverse portion that was higher than the fore and aft portions. Large windows let in plenty of natural light and air. The plinth was a good two-and-a-half to three feet off the ground to keep creepy crawlies out. All three were designed to have three sections - thus, each villa could be home to three families at a time. All three villas were set in spacious grounds with plenty of fruit trees as well as shade trees. As far as I can recall, all three had open wells to supply water since the municipal water supply didn't reach these villas, as these villas were on the very outer edge of Bhusawal. Theodore Villa and Elaine Villa were on the same side of the road leading out of Bhusawal to the next village, Varangaon. Belle Villa was directly across the road from Elaine Villa.

The Good Ol' Alma Mater - St. Aloysius' School, Bhusawal!

Wow! Wasn't like that in my days!

That's Pierre pointing out his classroom!

Established 1874, 140 years ago! Historic!
That's almost as old as I am!!!

St. Aloysius Convent School, Bhusawal
St. Aloysius Convent School, Bhusawal, was run by the Carmelite nuns. I don't know the full history of the school apart from the fact that it was established in 1874. When I joined the school it was in the same campus as the Roman Catholic parish church, the Church of The Sacred Heart. This campus is located right next to the main railway station, Bhusawal Junction, which is in the Central Railway zone. Then, while I was still studying there, the school relocated to a sprawling campus on the far side of town, just about a couple of kilometres from the River Tapti. These photographs are of the "new" campus building.
All three photographs were clicked by Pierre on his recent (March, 2014) trip to Bhusawal.

Barnett's Babes!

Ian has every right to be proud of these homegrown beauts!

Ian Barnett is one of the saintliest persons I know, and I'm proud to have him as a friend! He loves gardening and spends his whole time pottering away in his garden watching over his darling plants - reminds me of those gentle monks in their monasteries! Such a saint!
(Calm down, now, calm down! Don't go blowing a fuse! Mind your BP! Simmer down, willya?)


…and Dheeraj!

… and another one joins the gang!

The name is Handome, Pug Handsome!

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