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All About Dominic "Donny" Joseph!
I've known Dominic ever since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. Now, I'm knee-high to him!
He keeps me on my toes with all his "But why?"-s and "only axin"-s.
We share the same interests like: sleeping, arguing for the sake of arguing, sleeping, arguing for the sake of arguing, sleeping, arguing for the sake of arguing, sleeping, arguing for the sake of arguing, sleeping, argu.......
Aaarghhh! Stop banging (ow! ow!) my head (ow! ow!) on the (ow! ow!) blinking (ow! ow!) ceiling! Aaa-aaaaaa-arghhhh!

Tell me again... which one is Donny???

Wedding Bells!
Dominic Joseph ("Donny" to his friends and enemies) tied the knot with Neeti Goyal this February (2013).
Congratulations, both of you, and here's wishing you a long and happy life of conjugal bliss!
God bless!


Purple haze???

Finally, finally, finally found you!

Together, forever,
and for ever and ever!

This guy is mine!


Donny and Neeti's
First Wedding Anniversary
(Feb. 12, 2014)

And there's no better place to celebrate it than on the beach! This is Goa, guys!
Donny, Neeti... wishing you all the very best on this your first wedding anniversary... and many, many happy returns of the day! God bless!

... and here they are "talkin' wid da fishies"!

Status update (Mar. 26, 2014):
Donny's started a blog documenting all the weird and wonderful things that just happen around him!
Visit the blog at: www.donomad.blogspot.in

A Really BIG Milestone in Donny's Life!
Today, that is the 29th of March, 2017, Donny has crossed one of the most important milestones in a person's life – today Donny has become the proud father of a bonny baby boy!
I wish for him to realise the importance of this event — and to effect the transition from being a loving father to being a good and selfless parent.

For Neeti
Neetu, may God shower His choicest blessings on you and your darling child!
God Bless the BOTH of you!


As easy as walking on water!

Georgeous George ... er, um, I mean, Gorgeous Gorge!

Show me the way to go home...!

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