Blast From The Past!
Staff Picnic - St. Xavier's Staff - 1968.
This is a photograph of the staff of St. Xavier School, Jaipur enjoying a staff picnic.
My mother, Mrs. H. Chapman, was a member of the staff of St. Xavier's (1966 - 85).
In this photograph you can see Rev. Fr. R.A. Pereira, S.J. (Principal), and Rev. Fr. Marianan, S.J. (Vice-Principal).
Some faces that I can put a name to are:
Miss M. Francis, Miss Sircar, Miss Sinha, Miss Rose Rodrigues, Miss Roberta Joseph, Miss Daphne Pinto, Miss Muriel Miranda,
Miss Barbara Jacob, Mrs. Anand, Mrs. M. Viego, Mrs. Nanda, Mrs. Talwar;
Mr. Brandon, Mr. D.K. Singh, Mr. Stephen Soreng, Mr. Pareek, Mr. Hari Ram Asrani, Mr. N.L. Jain,
Mr. Robin Francis, Mr. Maheshwari, Mr. Tony Simon, Mr. Khan, Mr. Mathai.

There are a few faces that I can't put a name to (and maybe I've mis-named a few persons in this photograph) — can you help?
Just write in to with a few particulars of yourself and I'll make the amendations as required.
If I get a sufficient volume of responses I may start off a separate page for Xavier staffers and students!

You get an Easter egg surprise if you can spot my Mum in this photograph!