Ramblin' Rose!
A Narration of Travels and Escapades…
by Mrs. Rosalind Simon

The Author, Mrs. Rosalind Simon, delights the audience with a reading

Sweet Memories!

With a LOT of help from friends & family!

Mr. Simon did the illustrations for the book

A View of the Attendees

Another View of the Attendees

… and Yet Another View of the Attendees

The book is published by Anglo-Ink (Chennai)
Thank you, Harry MacLure!

The Book Launch
Venue: The White Mushroom, Jaipur
Time: 5:00 pm
Date: Saturday, 24th November, 2018.
The function was brought up by the Author's loving children and grand-children. Naturally enough, Mr. Tony Simon (the Author's loving husband) was the guest of honour! A last-minute emergency kept Angelo away from the function. Though sorely missed (it would have been my very first meeting with him! - HC) those present made sure that the function went off smoothly.
Among the attendees were close friends with special mention going to Mrs. Lobo, Mrs. Mehra, Mrs. Barsey, Mr. and Mrs. Vickers - thank you all for taking the time and trouble to attend the function! That's not to say that the other attendees were redundant or unappreciated — not at all! — just that I can't cram all those names in this page! (Maybe later)
The function was excellently emceed by Tanya (Castellas) who made sure that the function went off without a hitch. She opened the proceedings by telling the audience about how her mother had this stash of memories of a very eventful life and how she felt the urge to share it with a larger audience. A chance meeting with Harry MacLure (of Anglo-Ink, Chennai) saw the book getting published in a most professsional and elegant fashion. We all missed Harry at the launch.
There were readings of excerpts from the book that were excellently selected by Tanya to give the audience a cameo of the entirety of the book.
The first reading was delicately read out by the Author (see the top photograph). Others followed suit.
Then Mr. Simon gave the audience an inside track on how to live with an Author in the making!
Patrick (Simon) gave the vote of thanks and brought the function to a close. Only of course that the exit was barred and we all had to stay and have a hot and delicious repast of sandwiches and cake and coffee and rolls and … (Burp!)

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